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Greetings! My name is Adjckwc (pronounced A-Zha-Ko) O. Browne and I am dedicated to assisting people in safeguarding their intellectual properties in New York, across the United States, and abroad. Whether it’s your fair share of publishing, protecting your right to privacy or helping you own your brand I am always happy to help. While my law practice is not limited to those areas I am passionate about building legacy through ownership of intellectual property. I am available to speak to your audience on a variety of topics including female empowerment, preserving your IP rights and legally protecting your future, family, and finances. In addition to law I am passionate about information and holds a master's degree in information systems management. I have worked as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies for over 18 years.

Because I am familiar with worldwide market trends, I can assist a diverse client pool including creatives, small enterprises, and multinational corporations. I help them in both understanding and using their intellectual property rights. And, thanks to a network of collaborators in various technological fields, I can quickly support my clients. I will share some of my favorite resources in blog posts throughout the site. I provide personalized care to every one of my customers, regardless of the size of the case.

I assist businesses in the development and acquisition of intellectual property, clearance and availability counseling, and strategic mark acquisition, protection, promotion, and enforcement. I enjoys collaborating with clients to develop cost-effective ways for building, maintaining, and increasing their intellectual property portfolios.


Why Trademarks: Today's businesses must protect and differentiate their goods and services from regional, national, and international competition. As an intellectual property lawyer, I have a thorough awareness of the issues that our clients face and the extensive experience required to assist with the acquisition and monitoring of trademarks and service marks all over the world. The following are examples of previous experience:

  • False Advertising Claims
  • Trademark Defense and Maintenance
  • Licensing and Registration Investigations
  • Trademark Registration
  • Service Marks Registration
  • Unfair Competitive Practices

Why Copyright Law: I assist clients with registering and protecting copyrights for various works, including musical composition, lyrics, dance, novels, computer programs, plays, paintings, photographs, motion pictures, and sound recordings so that they can control their copy rights. I work in the following areas regularly:

  • Copyright Protection Online
  • Copyright Registration
  • Registration Status Investigations
  • Licensing of Derivative Works and Compilations
  • S. Customs Service Registrations
  • Ownership Investigations

Preserving the goodwill and brand value that my clients have built through their trademarks and trade dress is a passion of mine, and I handle a wide range of disputes, including those involving consumer product trademarks, business names, trademark dilution, trademark counterfeiting, false advertising, clothing and accessory designs, and other forms of trade dress.

In actions against people and businesses who sell unauthorized things, I represent copyright owners. Similarly, I represent composers, authors, software developers, and publishers in preventing unauthorized copying, distribution, and performance of their protected works. You can find out more and book a consult at

This site will include the tools I love to use, the speaking events you can find me at, and links to blogs and information that I think can help my audience. My goal is to help everyone I encounter know more about owning their stuff.

A. Browne, Esquire